Let's Change the Way We Work!

We evolved to move and yet we sit on our buttocks all day long.
Prolonged sitting takes away years of our lives, even more than smoking does.
People in IT have the best chance to bootstrap a chairless revolution.

What Is It All About?

We assume your well-being is quite important to you. Then, do you do anything to take care of your health? Maybe you go for a run regularly or visit a gym? Practice yoga? Play squash? The thing is, it does not matter as much as you might think it does. Even if you exercise in leisure time on a regular basis, you spend most of your workday on your buttocks and that, as it turns out, is very unhealthy.

There is now 3 decades worth of research linking sedentary lifestyle to myriad health problems. What is even worse, you can not completely mitigate the risks by just exercising because prolonged sitting still wreaks havoc in your body.

So is there anything we can do about it? The solution is actually quite simple and yet very difficult to implement due to a combination of factors like our cultural upbringing, psychosocial barriers as well as all the technological advancements of the last century that cater to our lazy human nature and render us immobile.

The standitup initiative will help you take the first step to getting out of your chair. You are the one that has to take it. Nevertheless, we believe that by uniting the IT industry around this idea, we will be able to stand it up and fight for our health.



Standing Up to a Sitting World

Get Up!

Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It



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